Martin Smith Inc's unique set of properties located throughout the greater Seattle area are specifically designed to meet the ever-changing business environment and the needs of our tenants.

Company Profile

Martin Smith Inc and affiliated companies own and manage numerous Seattle Landmark Buildings. Our current portfolio of properties include several of Seattle's most admired and respected office buildings. Our Buildings have been fully renovated to meet today's technology driven tenant requirements while carefully retaining the historic charm and character that we are proud to protect and preserve.

 Our Guiding Principles

 We are proud of our company’s local heritage and history of accomplishments.
 We are in the business of creating extraordinary long term value for our partners/investors.        We recognize that our company’s financial success is fully dependent on this single-minded pursuit. 
 We take special pride in the distinctive quality, design and appearance of our buildings.
 We always do business with the intent that, whomever we are dealing with, they will desire to have future dealings with us. 
 We treat everyone with respect and civility, there is no room for arrogance, rudeness or deceit. 
 We honor our agreements, be they in writing or via handshake. Our reputation is paramount to our success. 
 While urban real estate is a very complicated business, we believe that honesty, integrity, transparency, and simplicity combined with knowledge and experience are the foundations for long term success. 
 We encourage individual initiative and accomplishment however our best results occur when we work as a team. 
 Our talented and experienced team members share our values and our way of doing business, our people are our lifeblood. 
 We hold ourselves to the highest standards knowing that each and every one of us contribute to the company’s reputation.

Our Commitment

In the fields of real estate investment, operations, development, financing, leasing and sales, our success is the direct result of our experience, discipline and commitment to our principles. 

We understand the importance of execution over the long term. Our valued relationships with partners, lenders, tenants, brokers and vendors are our top priorities. 

Successful relationships are vital to our competitive advantage and longevity. We know that the right property, in a strong location, properly capitalized, with good tenants and proactive asset management comprise the formula for success.  

We are disciplined. Our long term history, thru many business cycles, focuses us on opportunities to create fortress real state with pricing advantages and high barriers to entry.
Seattle has a promising future and we are proud and fortunate to be well positioned to participate in the continued prosperity of this great City.